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Mrs. Prita's Email Took Her To Prison

| Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is Mrs. Prita's email, which I got google translate translated it, so you will get many whimsicality in this post, please be advised. The original email I put in the textarea below. This email took him to prison. Poor her.

Do not leave me this incident will override the other to human life. Especially children, elderly, and infants. When you take care treatment with the luxury of the hospital (RS) and the international title for the RS and the more luxurious smart doctors often the patient trials, the sale of drugs, and injections. I did not say all international hospitals such as this but I experienced this in the Omni International Hospital. Precisely dated 7 August 2008 jam 20:30 WIB. My condition with high fever and headache to come to hospital with OMNI International believes that the RS is berstandard International, which of course have a certain medical and management experts who are asked to bagus.Saya start UGD and checked my body temperature 39 degrees and the results. After that conducted the examination of blood and the result is 27000 with my thrombosit normal conditions is 200,000. I am informed by the dr and Indah (general) and stated I must Inpatient. dr I do lab re-examination of blood sample with me the same and the result is still expressed the same thrombosit 27000.

dr doctors specialist I ask where will I use. But, I ask for a reference because of my utterly blind to this hospital. Then I is a reference dr dr H. dr H I check the condition and ask me what my illness and explained that this is a positive dengue fever.

I started that night and were given injections diinfus without explanation or permission of the patient or patient's family to do injections. The next morning, H dr visit and inform me that there was a revision of lab for the night. Not 27,000 but 181,000 (lab results of the revision can be done?). I'm surprised but dr H continues to provide instructions that are given practical nurse nurses various injections that I did not know and without the permission of the patient or patient's family.

I get sick again so I actually do and still remain the same as the answer for the night that I get dengue fever. I am very worried because at home I have 2 children who are still batita. So I prefer to think positively about this hospital and the doctor so that I recover quickly and I believe my doctor by the professional standard Internatonal.

I start Friday terebut given various injections every needle that does not have any information from the nurse sister, and my every request information does not get a satisfactory answer. The sister seemed to run only the doctor and patient must accept. One box full of patients with chest infus and injection, along with many ampoule.

My left hand began to swell. I have stopped and the injection and infus have met with the dr H. However, the doctor did not come until I moved to the room. Long run the more my body temperature rose again to 39 degrees and come for a doctor, I also do not know what a doctor. After the doctor checked only the first H akan waiting time.

Dr H Esoknya come with only the afternoon to explain the practical nurse to give medicine a shot again. My doctor is to ask me what is actually sick and I explained how the air viruses. I mean not get dengue fever. But, still dr H explained that dengue fever virus still air. I paired infus back to the right and back pain who are given injections once.

Night I ampoule 2 injections given at the same time I fell ill and shortness breath for 15 minutes and given oxygen. BBQ come but only said just wait dr H.
So that night I was in a condition infus. While the right hand I also have swelling like my left hand. I have to be forced to reject infusnya and performed injections and medicines.

Esoknya and my family demanded from H to meet with us. However, the promise is always overextend diulur new and coming night. Husband and brother-sister I demand an explanation from H regarding my illness, injection, initial lab results into the revision of 27,000 and 181,000 attacks of shortness of breath in the history of life I had never happen. Increasingly severe conditions I membengkaknya neck with the left eye and left.

dr H does not give a satisfactory explanation. Doctors are even starting to give the instructions given to the sister for drugs again and told not to use infus again. We argue about my condition and ask dr H is responsible for the lab results from the first that I should be outpatient only. H dr blame the lab and can not provide a satisfactory explanation.

Next day the more severe the condition of my neck with my right also began to swell and return to heat 39 degrees. However, I still did not want to be treated in this hospital longer and want to move to another hospital. But, I need a complete medical data, and again I dipermainkan provided with a fictitious medical data.
In the medical record that the information given chapter (defecate) I smooth the difficulties that I treated in the hospital ever since, but this does not have its follow-up at all. Then the results of lab results is given thrombosit me that 27,000 is not 181,000.

I confirmed the data given for medical lab results, but 27,000 is very dikagetkan that lab results are not printed 27,000 and 181,000 is printed. Head of lab time is from M, and after my complaint and morose doctor said that these notes 27,000 lab results are in Omni Management. So I wedged to meet directly with management holding the lab results.

I put a written complaint to the Management and accepted by the Omni Og (Customer Service Coordinator) and I have a receipt. In a receipt is not only written advice complaint. I really dipermainkan by Omni Management Og with the staff that does not have its service to the customer at all except as mencemooh action I request a receipt of a written complaint.

Pain in my husband and I met with management. In the name of Og (Customer Service Coordinator) and from G (Customer Service Manager) and requested to give information back about the incident that occurred with me.

I'm really exhausted my patience and only a letter requesting a statement from the hospital lab about this my initial lab results 27000 not 181000 is. So I required to enter the hospital with this condition thrombosit 181000 I still outpatient.
Response of G which he said is responsible complain my problem is not professional at all. Does not respond to complaints with both. Swerve lab that he has given the lab results of 27,000 according to information from M me. I have sat down with the lab, Management, and from H. However, it can not be done with a reason to be negotiated on the (management) and promised to give the letter 4 hours afternoon.
After that I to another hospital and into care in the condition I put in isolation rooms for infectious virus for me. According to this analysis is the pain of children gondongan but the pain is worse because it has been swell. If a adult male impotence, and can happen to women and pancreas cyst.

I heard faint and really angry with RS Omni hoax that has been my analysis with dengue fever and pain have been given various injections with high doses experienced shortness of breath so. I ask about the injection to the new hospital and this is not my strong injection with high doses increase the breath shortness.

My husband came back to RS Omni charge of lab results, but even 27,000 is presented to the negotiations that are not clearly and ask tomorrow morning given the time came directly to my home. The next news the same morning I wait until the house 12 hours a day has not come from people who give Omni letter.

My phone dr G as responsible kompain and provided new information that kurirnya want the road to my home. However, until 4pm and I was not waiting there also came to my home. Back off my phone and G said that he was already sent and have a receipt in the name of Rukiah.

This is really unheard of lies that RS once. At home I do not have the name Rukiah. I have your address clearly mentioned and I find the data very difficult and requires a long time. LOgkanya in receipt of a clear address to which mail tertujunya not you? So I call Omni Management pembohon all great. Be careful with the games that mock the life of their people.

Especially from Og and G, there is no polite about ethics and customer service, does not comply with the international standard hospital this graft.
My dr says to G, will be coming to the Omni to take the letter and when my husband came to the Omni to the receptionist only dititipkan and fit only to read the content suratnya really make our offense

The management said only apologize for the inconvenience and we are not mentioned on the beginning of the lab error 27000 and the revisions made 181,000 and given injections that lead to the health condition worsened from before entering the hospital to Omni.
My husband and I confirmed with the letter? Because I want to know that the actual lab result is true there are 27,000 or so that only fictitious RS Omni gain in-patients.

And after some time we tricked with the promise of the lab is actually the result of my 27,000 is fictitious and that I would not need to Inpatient and does not need to have injections and shortness of breath and my health is not more severe because it can directly tertangani well.

My health is harmed. Perhaps this is because the cost of hospital insurance with this Hospital therefore wishes to take my insurance limit as closely as possible. But, the Hospital is not considering the effects of this greed.
Sdr Og suggest I met with the director of the operational RS Omni (from B). However, I and my husband is too tired to lie to their game with the condition I was sick and treated at another hospital.

Syukur thank God I started but have improved the condition of my eyes tear over the membrane and exposed to the virus so that my vision is not clear and if I was not affected by ray-resistant and requires enough time to heal.

Every human life is surely the way of life and fate of each. True. But, when human lives dipermainkan by a hospital which is to heal even ridicule really disappointing.
May God give conscience to hospital management and doctors Omni again reminded that they also have families, children, parents would also have a sick and need medical attention. Hopefully does not happen as I experienced this in the RS Omni.
I really hope that maybe one of the readers is the employee or the doctor or hospital Omni Management. Please submit to the dr G, H dr, dr M, Og, and that do not work until you mulia useless only for your company. I also inform the dr H RSCM also in practice. I do not say bad RSCM but more careful with the medical care of these doctors.

Prita Mulyasari
Alam Sutera
prita.mulyasari @


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