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Manohara Odelia Pinot Back To Indonesia

| Sunday, May 31, 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot former model who dinikahi family by the Kingdom of Malaysia this week to return to Indonesia. The former model who married in the section a young age (16 years) the last few months to meet the print media and electronic media and infotainment proclaim about the torture committed by their husbands in Malaysia. Manohara in gosipkan experienced torture in Malaysia. Manohara Obelia Pinot acknowledge domestic violence (domestic violence) committed by her husband.

Manohara ongoing process of return is very dramatic when the Sultan of Kelantan look Manohara treatment in Singapore it is not allowed to use the lift down. But he nekad into 3 floor lift UGD hospitals and desperate push button alarm sounding. Singapore police immediately came beleaguer Manohara Odelia and Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, her husband. Then Ibuda Manohara, Daisy Fajarina (Desi) who seem to have been planning to meet in Manohara Hospital is coming to the venue to meet daughter. Originally the family insists Muhammad Fakhry prohibit Manohara to return to Indonesia, but they were hit by the laws of Singapore. Manohara is not allowed if the home Fahry Muhammad akan dipenjara in Singapore because they have ripen Manohara Odelia Pinot. Finally, the business Fajarina Daisy constantly not futile, Manohara back to Indonesia with Daisy Fajarina.

After arriving in Indonesia Fajarina and Daisy Manohara Odelia Pinot to meet the press, meet the press earlier in the day Manohara admitted he experienced torture and violence in the household Manohara. Torture-torture committed by her husband Manohara the cause insomnia. Manohara hard every day to sleep, on average only sleep less than 4 hours, because of the fear. Manohara also told about the room like a room like a secret. Manohara bedroom as the secret room the door was covered by a rack so that the door is not visible from the outside.

Manohara but not entirely free, he was still legally bound by the marriage with her husband, Prince of Kelantan called Mumammad Fahri. According to the beautiful models are 17 + + this, he will soon submit a claim on her husband before divorce can be separated from jeratan and that during this ordeal menyiksanya. Enggak only foreign workers who have experienced torture in Malaysia, the artist was also tortured. Huwh ...!

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