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The Best Animated Pictures Of Thomas Kinkade Paintings

| Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do you know Thomas Kinkade? Who is he? Thomas Kinkade is a famous art from America. Thomas Kinkade is a natural painters. He was born in Sacramento, California Januari 19, 1958. Thomas Kinkade is self described as "Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light" and as "America's most-collected living artist". If you want to know about Thomas Kinkade, please visit Here I want to show you the best animated picture of Thomas Kinkade Paintings. Please don't close your browser until you get the effect of these pictures.

1. Do you feel like in a real river? So, do I. The water on this painting looks like a flowing. I think it is a fantastic picture.

river animation of Thomas Kinkade painting

2. A beautiful waterfall, truly a miracle. Be carefull, or you will get your computer wet :0!!

waterfall effect of Thomas Kinkad painting

3. Hmm..., It so cool here. I cannot go anywhere, here's raining. May I borrow your umbrella? I wanna buy a cup of hot coffee.

rainy effect of Thomas Kinkade painting

4. Why don't you believe me? I have said, you must bring an umbrella. It is so wet.

rainy animation of Kinkade painting

5. Yahuuu... I feel like in Bali Beach, what a wonderful beach..!! Do you see the beach? Okay, click the link to see the most amazing animated of Linkade painting.

Funny Ads Pictures, Advertising Humor, Funny Commercials

| Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creating memorable advertising by the community the most effective is to make the funny ads and adorable. Advertising about insurance, medicine, hotel and other products in the humor would be get a lot of attention from viewers.

Here I show you many funny ads pictures. Do you know where the humor lies in the ad pictures below? I think you are smart enough to find the funniest spot of them :). Let's enjoy the funniest ads pictures, advertising humor and funny commercial ads below.

advertising funnyfunny adshumor advertisingfunny commercialsiklan lucufunny advertisingfunniest ads
funny commercials ads

Funny Football Pictures Collection

| Sunday, January 3, 2010

Football is one kind of sports that very popular. Everyone like it, especially man. There are many even in a football match that very funny and funnier than Mr. Bean film. And photographers always get the funny moment of the player act. These funny football pictures collected by me in order to make you show your teeth.

Some of photo defacer changes unfunny photos to be a very funny pictures. I also collect it for you. Let's see them.

funny football

funny soccer

funny football
funny football

funny football

funny football

funny football

football accident

funny football

funny football