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Manohara Showed Scar in The Breast

| Sunday, June 28, 2009

After successfully escaped from her grip and Manohara can finally return to Indonesia, but that does not stop until the problem there. After a few days in Indonesia, many assume that only Manohara Odelia Pinot sensation seeking, because they delay Manohara temporize visa process. Even some supporters Manohara any one at a stand down. Lawyer OC Kaligis resign because Manohara support Manohara considered more important to the case of the entertainer immediately complete the visa process. Ratna Sarumpaet, the women activists during this incentive to help Manohara and Daisy Fajarita now leave Manohara.

Peak when the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia / Malaysia KBRI to turn up the Manohara libel either. Manohara considered accuse Indonesian embassy has received a bribe from the family kingdom of Kelantan. Manohara own party denies it. Accompanied Manohara new lawyer said he only deliver what is said Muhammad Fakhry, her husband. Her husband had said on Manohara that will not be able to ask for help Indonesian embassy or anyone else, because they have been fed by her husband. Manohara new lawyer, Hotman Paris and colleagues ask the Indonesian embassy to Malaysia instropeksi. Hotman Paris also gives the somasi OC Kaligis and Ratna Sarumpaet.

Together with new lawyers, Manohara show some photos that prove himself once in the razor blade. One of them is the Photos Payudara the top of the Manohara have used the razor blade slice. Slice images of razor blade in the chest Manohara not be a terparah, there's more evidence that torture is carried out on Manohara cruel, but because of its place in the body that is not worth viewing, Manohara therefore does not show the photos. That is part of the photos of visa Manohara conducted in a hotel in Jakarta. Manohara visa process is done on Monday, 8 June 2009.

Photographs shown Manohara meet the press at the time of the morning before, also the suspicion that some people say that no serious Manohara complete case. Image is also proved that Manohara actually experienced torture.

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