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Funny Picture VolksWagen Modifications

| Thursday, July 23, 2009

VolksWagen cars always seem funny even without modified. Unique design makes the car easy to recognize. What happens if Volks Wagen modified be turtle car. Do you ever think to modify your VW cars become a full carving car? If me?, I wanna make it be Mickey Mouse car.

Volkswagen modification

carving Volkswagen modification

Turtle Car VW modification

Big Nose Cars The Most Strange Cars Ever

| Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now I'll show you the cars with very big and long nose cars. You may call it long proboscis cars. On the first picture, I do not understand whether this is nose or mouth. But It seems nose. Very big nose.
If you drive the car, then you should be careful or this car smell the car park boundary. :)

The second car picture, I think it is the most bizarre car in the world. Truly the most strange car. You know why? Because there is no window to see the road when the driver ride it. I think the car is designed for the magician who can drive the car with the closed eyes ha..ha.. If you are not a magician, do not ride this strange car or you will go to prison for violation of traffic.

Funny Fish Car Picture How To Drive It?

| Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do you see? Do you see a big fishes below? U hu, you're right but you're really wrong. Here are cars but designed similar as fish. If you drive it you just have a narrow sight, just one side. You never know everything on the left side. The first funny fish car modeled as Tarpon. But please don't fry it for your dinner.

funniest fish car

Hey.. don't run, I won't bit you. I'm not a landed whale. Ha..ha., the second funniest fish car seems like whale. I named it funniest whale car. Look at his big mouth, he forgot to brush his teeth for a week he.h.e..

funniest whale car

The Most Powerful Car Ever In The World

| Saturday, July 11, 2009

The pictures below are the most powerful car ever in the world. Hundreds of passenger transported by an ugly strong car. There are not just people but also thousands kilogram goods transported by the cars to the destination. You certainly guffaw as great surprise of these funny car pictures. Really Amazing trucks ever.

funniest truck
the most powerful car

Big Mouth Funniest Car

| Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big mouth car, I named this picture a big mouth car. Both two cars are designed as similar big mouth. Do you think you have is the large mouth?

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funny car picture

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