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Funny Sport Accident Photos

| Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sports will make us healthy and strong, but the exercise will hurt you if you are not using the right technique and not careful in doing so. Below I show some pictures of sports accidents funniest ever. There are accident soccer, cycling accidents, accidents, basketball accident and weightlifting accident photos.

Come to laugh, not to laugh at the athletes, but let's laugh for the photographer who can capture special moments in sports that they cover. I do not know, whether the photographer did that on purpose or was he taking pictures because of the 'accident'.

funniest accident sport
funny accident sport
accident sport
worst accident sport
sport accident

Funniest Face Ever

| Monday, December 7, 2009

What do you think about the photos below? Are they look funny? Or Do you think they are very ugly face? All values depend on your point of view. Bad face, nice face, funny face or ugly face. Let me see your funniest face Boy!!

worst face

bad face

bad face

ugly face

ugly face

funniest face

funniest face

The Funniest Accident Ever

| Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Accidents often make us cry and mourn. But for a humorous person, he can laugh at any time, when he had an accident though. But only a few people who can laugh at this case. Most people can only laugh when he saw someone else had an accident. Including you he .. he .., just kidding. Here are funny pictures that will make you shriek. The following pictures are the funniest accident pictures I've ever seen. All images are not mine, I download it from many sources. Thanks to them.

From these funny accident pictures we learn how to laugh at any situation. Let's laugh before laughing prohibited.

funny accident
funniest accident
the funniest accident
accident car pictures
weird accident
funniest car accident
gambar kecelakaan lucu
kecelakaan lucu
funny accident photos

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See you at the next funniest pictures post.

Top Ten The Most Unique Photos

| Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photographer is one of the most exciting job. He can make ordinary circumstances into extraordinary images by using camera shots. Sometimes he makes different circumstances with his camera. Someone looks like doing anything in the photos, in fact he was not. Here are top ten the most unique photos. I got them from Amazing..!!

The most Unique Photos
The most Unique Photos
The most Unique Photos
The most Unique Photos
The most Unique Photos
Unbelievable Photos
Unbelievable Photos
The most amazing photos
The most amazing photos
The most amazing photos

The Oldest And Most Antique Animal Car Picture

| Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are you an old antique car collector? If yes, you must drop your title as a an old antique car collector before you getting the oldest and the most antique car picture ever in the world shown in the picture below. If you are ready for spend all of your wealth they will be yours ha..ha.. :D

Two first pictures offered at a price of U.S. $ 178 trillion, they be expensive because they are designed environmentally friendly cars, not cause pollution and does not require fuel. I call them anicar (animal car). The third pictures call Ant Car. This carani (Car Animal) is not sold, it just for my personal collection. :D

Just kidding bro...

the most antique car
the oldest car
antique car

Amazing Bones Car Transparant Design

| Monday, September 28, 2009

Three pictures below show you amazing bone cars transparent design. Which do you prefer? Two of them looked like a car made of bones and one other looked like a car without skin. Naked car. If you the owner of these car, please don't use it for dating or all eyes will be drawn to you when you're kissing ha..ha.. One more, you have to go to massage parlors in order to eliminate aches and pain of their bones. Their bones are not strong enough to carry you for a week.

Bone car 1 and bone car 2 are similary, but they come from different descent. Oh no, they are the One, but the photos taken in different time and different camera of course :D. Then, the 3rd picture, I call it the naked car in transparent design, do not try to hit it or your car will be destroyed, it bones are too powerful to hit :D

bones car
funniest bone car
amazing bones car

The Real Funny Ads Just Do It

| Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I believe you know about Nike. A shoes company in high quality may be, because I never use its products :D. But I know, Nike always makes attractive ads. Yah, lets call them the real funny ads with Just Do It at the end of the ads. I give you Top Four Funniest Ads of Nike.

Funny Ads Just Do It
Funniest Ads
Craziest Ads
Iklan Paling Lucu

The Strongest Motor Cycle In The World

| Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do you know the world's most powerful motor, I mean the strongest motor in the world ever?. Here are some of the strongest motor cycles ever, motors that carry a very heavy burden. More than four people riding in one motor, totally crazy bikers. Here they are, I don't know what is your responds after seeing the craziest motor bikers below :D

strongest motor
crazy motor

the most powerful motor

The Most Light Weight Car In The World

| Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You do not need a tow truck if your car broke down. Just call becak (three-wheel bicycle, one of Indonesian traditional transportation) and your car will be transported to the destination. Here is the most lightweight car ever in the world.

the most light weight car in the world

Funniest Buses Ever In The World

| Saturday, August 8, 2009

I will not describe the funniest buses ever in the world below. Let's the funny pictures tell the story and it will make you laughing loudly. Ok, see the picture, and if you get something funny, I mean, If you agree about the funniest buses ever in the world on my version, please leave comment.

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funniest bus ever

What do you think about male smokers in the butt bus, stop smoking or you will die before 45 :)

funny bus

Butt siamese twins bus :))

man eating bus

Shark eating man bus. Do not damage sharks habitat or tomorrow you turn eaten :)

funniest bus ads

Genius Ads creator. Hm I think the chocolate is too long :)

Funny Picture VolksWagen Modifications

| Thursday, July 23, 2009

VolksWagen cars always seem funny even without modified. Unique design makes the car easy to recognize. What happens if Volks Wagen modified be turtle car. Do you ever think to modify your VW cars become a full carving car? If me?, I wanna make it be Mickey Mouse car.

Volkswagen modification

carving Volkswagen modification

Turtle Car VW modification