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Photos Of Irfan Bachdim In AFF Cup 2010

| Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here is photos of Irfan Bachdim and photos of Indonesian National Team in AFF Cup 2010.

Irfan kiss his finger

irfan bachdim dance after make a goal

irfan bachdim 17

indonesian national team

irfan bachdim aff cup 2010

gonzales is kissing Garuda

timnas Indonesia

Amazing Art Off Egg Shells

| Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative people always inspired others. Creative people can produce something from the items useless. One very interesting artwork that can be made is the garnish of egg shells. After cooking the egg do not waste the shells, try to use it and make the shell of the egg into a work of art, such as seen in the pictures below.

The Oldest Car In The World (The First Car In The World)

| Monday, March 22, 2010

Today I will show you many pictures about the oldest car in the world or the first car in the world. I think the cars is very expensive now. Just lucky people who has the oldest car in the world. Do you think the first car has around well? Ha..ha.. I think so. But I don't know how often they did trial and error to get the model. I think James Watt is the root of automotive world in the world. Without him, I think there is no car, there is no motorcycle, there is no train and there is no air plane. Without his discovery we will ride ox-drawn cart forever. Okay, lets see the unique oldest car in the world.

the oldest car in the worldthe first car in the worldthe oldest car in the worldthe unique car in the worldthe most unique car in the worldthe first mass transitthe oldest car vehicle in the worldthe first time car madethe first car in the worldthe first conveyance in the world

If you want to get the large measure, just click at the unique picture above. Thanks for visiting.

Funny Boxer Image, The Best Boxing Event

| Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boxing is one types of sport. But usually sport will make us health, but no for boxing. Boxing sport will hurt boxer, but some of boxer die on the ring or a few moment after the match. Here is the funny boxer image ever in the world combined with the best boxing event.

best boxingfunny boxingfunniest boxingfunny boxertinju lucuolah raga lucu

The Greatest And The Longest Bridges In The World

| Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Below are the greatest bridge photos I collected from any site. I don't give the detail about all of these bridge, but you can find it with keyword that I wrote on every photos on search engine. I hope you enjoy the longest bridges in the world below or if you are an architect maybe it inspiring you in designing a bridge?

Suramadu Bridge - Indonesia
suramadu bridge
Rio-Niteroi Bridge - Brazil
Rio Niteroi Bridge
Incheon Bridge - Shongdo City
The greatest bridge
Oresund - Denmark
the longest bridge
Shanghai Bridge - China
amazing bridge in the world
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway - New Orleans
New Orleans Bridge

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway - New Orleans
impossible bridge
The King Fahd Causeway - Saudi Arabia
The Longest Sea Brigde

The Most Amazing Tree In The World

| Sunday, February 7, 2010

These are pictures of the amazing trees. I say this even trees sabagai most spectacular in the world. There are 15 pictures that I publish here. I admire the pictures of this tree based on 3 categories. The first thing I admire because of the size of a very large tree, even a tree whose diameter is more than 5 meters. I am amazed that both because of its shape, let you see, there is a tree that looks like a human. Really pretty, right?. Well, the third, I was amazed that these trees including the rare tree. Then you, what basis you admire the pictures of the most amazing tree this?

Click to see the bigger size of the amazing tree pictures below.

amazing treewonderful treebeautiful treethe greatest treethe most amazing tree in the worldthe most wonderful treethe most beautiful treethe oldest tree in the worldthe rarest tree in the worldthe oddest treethe oddest tree in the worldoddest treethe unique treethe beautiful treethe most wonderful tree