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Amazing Bones Car Transparant Design

| Monday, September 28, 2009

Three pictures below show you amazing bone cars transparent design. Which do you prefer? Two of them looked like a car made of bones and one other looked like a car without skin. Naked car. If you the owner of these car, please don't use it for dating or all eyes will be drawn to you when you're kissing ha..ha.. One more, you have to go to massage parlors in order to eliminate aches and pain of their bones. Their bones are not strong enough to carry you for a week.

Bone car 1 and bone car 2 are similary, but they come from different descent. Oh no, they are the One, but the photos taken in different time and different camera of course :D. Then, the 3rd picture, I call it the naked car in transparent design, do not try to hit it or your car will be destroyed, it bones are too powerful to hit :D

bones car
funniest bone car
amazing bones car

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